Understanding the Different Types of Mods

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Just when you think you know all there is to know in the vaping world, a new type of mod or piece of equipment emerges that has you wondering what it’s all about. For most people having a basic e-cigarette and knowing how to charge it is enough, but for serious vaping connoisseurs, you’ll want to keep up to date with all the latest lingo.

As more advanced devices are being designed, it can be confusing to keep up with it all. With many different types of devices on the market and needing varying degrees of skill to work them, a helping hand is always welcome to keep you vaping like a pro.

What Exactly Is a Mod?

The mod is the beating heart of the e-cigarette, that contains the battery and circuit parts needed for it to function. The majority of the time it’s found at the opposite end that you draw from, connecting to the atomiser which in turn connects to the mouthpiece.

Depending on the mod you have, it can contain a built in battery or just a space to insert your own rechargeable battery. The circuitry inside the mod is what heats the atomiser and causes the e-juice to vaporise.

Unregulated Mods

An unregulated mod is a mechanical mod and should only be used by experienced vapers who understand coils, voltage and resistance. It contains a battery and the most basic circuitry and you have no controls to adjust the power from the battery.

This is why only experienced users should use an unregulated mod, as this type of mod will power any atomiser and coil you hook it up to, even if it’s not safe! Knowledge of ohm’s law is imperative to ensure you don’t hook up your mod in a dangerous way. For experienced vapers, the unregulated mod is a dream allowing them to creating a custom experience with homemade coils and hand picked atomisers.

While some mech mods have built in batteries, some have removable chargeable batteries like the GeekVape Athena (silver/with RDA). Unregulated mods generally last a long time and are easy to maintain compared to a lot of other mods, if you know what you’re doing. Types of unregulated mods are; mechanical mods, series and parallel mods and squonk mods.

Regulated Mods

These types of mods come with extra circuitry and electronics, allowing them to have safety features and more high tech functional features like digital screens. These extra features mean you can be warned if there is a malfunction and your device will shut down if needed. Many will also limit the coils you can use, ensuring you keep the resistance in a safer range.

Types of regulated mods include; fixed voltage mods, VV/VW mods and temperature controlled mods. These types of mod are generally great for the newbie vaper, being able to be used straight out of the box with not much adjustment required. Many will adjust the voltage and wattage for you, to generate the perfect amount of heat for your coil.

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