Tips to Decide Which E-juice Flavour Is Right for You

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If you’re new to vaping or just someone who gets overwhelmed by the multitude of options out there for everything these days, you may find it hard initially to decide on which e-juice flavours to choose. There are so many options to try, with new ones being put out on the market all the time.

This is why it’s best to do your research, ask the experts and come up with a plan to narrow down your options. Of course deciding on an e-juice flavour is a personal experience as we all have different tastes and needs, but you don’t want to end up with bottles of e-juice that you just can’t stomach if you make the wrong decisions.

It may take some trial and error to finally get good at choosing the right flavour for you. This is why we’ve put together this article, to take away some of the uncertainty and steer you in the direction to make the best choices.

Research General Flavour Options

While there are many many flavour options out there, they can be grouped into general flavour categories. There is no ‘’official’’ flavour categorisation out there, but most e-juice flavours fall into these categories;

- Menthol Flavours

- Fruit flavours

- Tobacco flavours

- Savoury flavours

- Candy flavours

- Beverage flavours

- Unique exotic flavours

Hooper’s Vapour has a broad range of e-juice flavours you can browse through here ranging from Traditional Tobacco to even a Bake Sale Purple Wedding Cake flavour!

Decide On Your Goal

For example – if you intend to vape every day, a bold and intense flavour may just be too much for regular use. If you’re looking for a flavour just to mix things up occasionally then this could be a great choice alongside a mellower, regular flavour.

If you’re looking for just one vape juice to use daily, you may be better choosing a more normal e-liquid flavour that your palate can enjoy regularly. Flavours such as tobacco, menthol or even a fruit flavour may be the way to go here.

A great rule of thumb is to have a milder flavour to use daily, then have a more exotic flavour to switch to when you fancy something different.

Consider More Than Just Flavour

Other factors can affect the taste of the e-liquid like the nicotine content and PG/VG ratio in your liquid. These factors can change the vapour texture and throat feel which will make the flavour vary on the tastebuds.

High PG liquids are known to produce more flavour and smaller clouds, while higher VG liquids give you thick clouds of vapour with a less rich flavour. The PG/VG ratio can also change the type of hit you get on the throat and the type of texture of the clouds you produce. High VG liquids tend to have a smoother throat feel and heavier texture and the higher PG liquids give the harsh throat hit.

Research E-liquid Reviews

To help you narrow down your favourite few without breaking the bank, try reading e-liquid reviews from experienced vapers online. Thanks to a large community of vapers and there being a ton of information online, you can easily find reviews, videos, recommendations, video descriptions and regular users giving their own advice and opinions.

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