Take a Look at the Surprising E-juice Categories You Can Choose from Today

Take a Look at the Surprising E-juice Categories You Can Choose from Today main image Take a Look at the Surprising E-juice Categories You Can Choose from Today image


Looking back on the days when the e-cigarette was just a pipe dream and we were all freezing to death standing out in the rain, furiously puffing on our cigarettes and maybe you had that one friend who chose the menthol flavour which was the most unusual cigarette flavours got back then? Who would of thought how times would change and we’d be spoilt for choice or actually snowed under with the choice of e-juice flavours today!

Basically any type of flavour you could think of for an e-cigarette, there’s probably a company somewhere that is producing it. It can be a minefield choosing your first few flavours when you first switch to vaping, but with a little trial and error, you’ll soon find the flavours you love and the ones you like to switch too on that special occasion.

Also take into account – after smoking cigarettes for a long time, your tastebuds could be damaged and not as sensitive to flavour at the start, which may affect your flavour choice. Plus the VG/PG content and the amount of nicotine will vary your flavour experience.

Dessert Flavoured E-juice

Who doesn’t love a delicious chocolate brownie, strawberry cheesecake or tiramisu heaped with cool ice-cream? I haven’t met many people who aren’t partial to a sweet after dinner treat and this is why this category is a firm favourite for many. You can get your sugar fix with this e-juice flavour without piling the pounds on the hips.

Fruit Flavoured E-juice

Fruit flavoured e-juice is generally very popular with new and experienced vapers and you’ll find all different mixes on the market. You’ll find complex blends such as peaches and cream or raspberry and menthol but if you like just one fruit hit at a time, you may like this Aramax Max Watermelon e-juice flavour which is popular with users on Hooper’s Vapour.

Candy Flavoured E-juice

Although there has been hot debate in the vaping world, that this category is geared towards kids and may make them want to vape, it’s actually not. Everyone has a favourite candy from their childhood and being able to find this in a vape is some peoples dream no matter what their age. From bon-bons to candy floss to gummy bears, there’s a candy flavour that will bring back memories for you.

Tobacco Flavoured E-juice

Newbies coming away from cigarettes, will generally choose this flavour so they can satisfy cravings. The great thing is you can ease yourself onto the fruity more exotic flavours by mixing a few up! Maybe a peach or strawberry tobacco might be a good place to start.

Beverage Flavoured E-juice

If it’s 7 am in the morning and you fancy a mojito but don’t actually want the effects of drinking it, yes you can just take a hit on a mojito flavoured e-juice! From alcohol flavours, to milkshakes to coffee, you’ll find all the drinks you love and more in a beverage flavoured e-juice liquid.