Nicotine Salts - Browse The Best Nic Salt Juice Flavours Online

Hoopers is proud to be able to offer high-quality nicotine salt products that we are very impressed with and proud to have available both in store and online. They provide an alternative to vapers who are looking for less of a noticeable throat hit in their intake of nicotine.

Benefits of Nicotine Salts:

  • Nicotine Absorption - The use of nicotine salts also allows for the faster absorbtion of nicotine into the bloodstream.
  • Extended Shelf Life - Nicotine salts also have a much longer shelf life than freebase nicotine products, due to the stability of the molecule.
  • Portability and Convenience - The fact that nicotine salts also allow for much higher concentrations of nicotine than freebase nicotine, means that your vaping device can be much smaller and compact and still provide an immensely satisfying vape.

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