How to Know If a Mech Mod Is Right for You

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Mechanical mods are the next step for hobbyist vapers once you’ve started to enjoy the benefits and fun of building your own coils, but generally need a certain amount of skill and building experience to use. Mechanical Mods are not advised for beginners, so it is be best to wait till you’ve vaped for a while and experienced using a few different vapes.

Mechanical mods don’t come with any of the safety features that regulated mods have. This means if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could install the wrong resistance coil and overheat your device which can potentially be very dangerous.

Needing a lot more practice to get them right, mechanical mods have no pre-determined limits on wattage meaning you can experiment with various coils and ways to build. If you know what you’re doing this is great, if not you could just end up frustrated or worse, injuring yourself.

Can You Build A Coil?

You need to be able to work with a wide variety of custom built coils as coil building is an essential piece of knowledge needed if you want to use a mechanical mod. If you’re new to coil building, you’d be best getting experience with a rebuildable atomiser on a regulated mod first before moving on to mechanical mods. This type of mod includes safety features, allowing you to get practice wrapping, installing and wicking coils without risk.

Alongside building your coils, you’ll need to know the limits of your batteries and how to build to those limits. This will ensure your batteries won’t overheat during use. To acquire this skill, you’ll need to research and understand ohm’s law.

You Need To Understand Ohm’s Law

A mechanical mod will not adjust its power like some other mods, so your power output is entirely dependant on the resistance of your coil. To find out the amount of watts you are putting out and the amount of amps you are drawing from your batteries you’ll have to use ohm’s law which is a mathematical equation to check the safety and effectiveness of any build you’ve installed.

Each battery has a maximum limit for the number of amps you can safely draw from it. More amps will be pulled the lower your coils resistance is. Using Ohm’s law will help you work out the minimum resistance your coils can be.

It’s imperative you understand how ohm’s law is applicable before you tackle a mech mod. To gain experience, experiment using ohm’s law on your own coils, on a regulated mod before branching out to the more advanced mechanical mods.

Consider Cost

Just purchasing the mechanical mod alone can be a pricey investment and you also need to buy a variety of other components. More often than not, your mech mod will arrive on its own and you’ll need to purchase the battery, atomiser and a tank separately.

Alongside this you’ll need coil building accessories including; wire, cotton and tools like tweezers and pliers if you don’t already own them. Mechanical mods can seem pricey and need a bit of experience to get the hang of. They are most certainly only suitable for hobbyist vapers as they are direct output and as such you will go through a lot of batteries in a day, and they require proper maintenance to keep running well but the simplicity and durability is what makes them appealing to advanced vapers.

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