E Fruit Juice Flavours - Hoopers Vapour E-liquids

We’ve come out with our own line of 7 delicious Hoopers E-Liquids. Try them all to see which ones satisfy your taste buds the best.

Our Apple Flavoured vape juice delivers the tart and tangy flavour of crisp and ripe green apples that you can’t get enough of.

Our Banana Fruit flavoured vape juice brings you the surprisingly refreshing taste of of kiwis and strawberry with a dash of banana to remind you of basking on a tropical beach.

It’s called Ben’s Custard and this incredible blend of strawberries, blueberries and vanilla custard will have you proclaiming Ben to be an absolute genius in creating vape liquids.

The simple and classic Blueberry Cream combines the creamy taste of fresh dairy cream with the taste of ripe blueberries in an E-liquid.

Espresso Con Panna delivers the rich, Italian flavour of a double espresso topped with whipped cream. You’ll think you’re in a café in Tuscany.

Our Kentucky Reviver E-liquid offers the amazing taste of Kentucky Bourbon with coconut, vanilla and just a touch of sweetening.

Feel like your digging into a rich dessert with our Mile High Banana Pie vape juice. This vape juice delivers the rich taste of a banana, caramel and custard pie.