California Grown Fruit-flavoured E-liquids from Sunny California

California is well-known for the ripe, succulent fruit they produce and now they’ve started creating a line of vaping liquids from their bountiful harvests that Hoopers is proud to carry. Try their 3 varieties of California Grown fruit-flavoured vape juice and see which one you like best.

Napa Nectar brings luscious ripe mangoes from southern California up to the Napa valley, where they’re blended into a e-juice flavour that’s rich with the taste of perfectly ripened and sweet mangoes.

Taste the California flavour of a long, lazy summer’s day in the bright, sweet flavour of Wavy Watermelon vape juice. This blend of ripe watermelon and candied watermelon will remind of your childhood, when digging into a slice of watermelon was the ultimate hot-weather treat.

This blend of Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Fuji Apples vape liquid comes right from California’s rolling hills of apple orchards. Grizzly Apple delivers the sweet and crisp taste sensation of biting into a delicious, ripe apple.