E Liquid Online Store NZ offering E Juice Fruit Flavours & Vape Juice With Nicotine

Vaping really took off when people realised that they were not limited to sticking with the same old tobacco flavours anymore (although we stock those flavours too). Now, there is a rainbow of flavours to choose from that is limited only by the manufacturer’s imagination. 

Choose from flavours from an entire orchard of fruits to a bakery full of different pastries. There are coffee, milkshakes, gummy bear and cream cake flavours as well. And you’ll have to try some flavours that are simply indescribable, but nevertheless delicious. 

Vaping has rapidly become a pastime where half the fun is in sampling all the different vape flavours that the manufacturers can dream up and create. Here at Hoopers Vapour, we are proud to offer a selection featuring all of the major manufacturers, providing you with a complete range of flavours.