Debunking the Myths around Short Term and Long Term Vaping Effects

Debunking the Myths around Short Term and Long Term Vaping Effects main image Debunking the Myths around Short Term and Long Term Vaping Effects image


While the debate rages on in the media, around whether vaping has any short term or long term adverse effects to your body, many people are divided on their opinions of vape safety. If you want to get picky, the dictionary defines safe as ‘’free from harm or risk’’ so you could say no vaping isn’t completely safe. But neither is opening a can of tuna or cutting up vegetables for your evening meal!

Even though public opinion is still unsure, numerous studies have been undertaken and show no significant long or short term health hazards from the use of e-cigarettes. The Cochrane Library, which is a non-profit org who undertook an e-cigarette report in 2016 concluded – they found no evidence of short-term adverse effects associated with vaping.

Quitline NZ also known as the Quit Group, is a charitable trust who are committed to helping New Zealanders stop smoking. They now openly support the use of e-cigarettes and include vaping as part of their Help To Quit guidelines.

What About Long Term Vaping Effects?

Only now are the results of long term studies starting to come in, with one 3.5 year long scientific study concluding; ‘’No significant changes could be detected over the observation period from baseline in the EC (electronic cigarette) users or between EC users and control subjects in any of the health outcomes investigated. Moreover, no pathological findings could be identified on HRCT of the lungs and no respiratory symptoms were consistently reported in the EC user group. Although it cannot be excluded that some harm may occur at later stages, this study did not demonstrate any health concerns associated with long-term use of EC in relatively young users who did not also smoke tobacco.’’

Although this study showed no adverse effects on relatively young users, it does’nt mean that no harm will ever happen to certain people at some stage. But all the early studies seem positive which is great news for vapers.

Are There Toxins In E-liquid?

There are known toxins in e-cigarette vapour, but none are found in quantities that would cause harm to you. The Royal College of Physicians commented; ‘’In normal conditions of use, toxin levels in inhaled e-cigarette vapour are probably well below prescribed threshold limit values for occupational exposure, in which case significant long-term harm is unlikely.” We breathe in toxins all the time just from walking around the streets, but when it’s at low levels our bodies can process these and not have any problems.

Is Your Vaping Device Safe?

There are strict laws with the manufacturing of vape devices, but like with any electronic device there is a change of a malfunction or a part being defective. You’re not anymore likely to have a vape malfunction than you are to have a phone be defective. As long as you follow all the guidelines with your new vape, don’t try and use a vape too advanced for your experience and keep all the parts clean and in good working order, your vape device should never be a problem.