Choose The Right Vape Gift With This Easy Guide

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If you are an avid vaper or you have a vaper in your life, you’ll know there’s always a few essential things to put in Christmas stockings or wrap up for a birthday presents. If you’re not so clued up with the world of vaping, you may need a helping hand to know what to buy a vaping enthusiast.

So if words like; coils, e-juice, mods or vape tank are totally alien to you, have a read through this guide to help wade through the choices. You will find ideas for the absolute newbie vaper, right up to the experienced vaping expert.

Gifts A Vaping Beginner Will Love

Maybe you have a smoker in your life and you’re desperate to help them quit, or maybe they’ve given up cigarettes for a while and have just started dipping their toes into the world of vaping? Either way there are a few gifts that are perfect for the beginner vaper;

- A Starter Vaping Kit. Containing all the parts a newbie needs to get into vaping, starter vaping kits come in a range of stylish colours. The Aramax Pen, AraMax Power and Aspire Pen are all good choices coming in at under $55. Select a few e-juices to add in and they can be up vaping in minutes.

- A Regulated Mod. If your vaper has been vaping for a while but still lacks experience, the next step up is a regulated mod which have slightly higher technical features like digital screens. The Innokin Proton Mod and VandyVape Pulse 80w are great choices, coming in at the slightly higher price range of $110.

- A range of e-liquids. A good place to start with a newbie vaper is a tobacco flavoured e-liquid as it mimics the taste closest to a cigarette which they may still be craving. If you have the funds or want to add in another gift, think about adding in a flavoured e-liquid also like a mixed berry, menthol or strawberry which are popular. If the newbie vaper is fresh off cigarettes, also make sure you select an e-liquid with a high nicotine content of 12-18mg.

Gift Ideas For The More Experienced Vaper

An experienced vaper may not see vaping as just a need but a lifestyle. They may love tinkering around with their vapes as much as they like smoking them. Check out these gift ideas for the experienced vaper;

- A Mechanical Mod. These are only for the experienced vaper who know what they’re doing as they need to understand coils, voltage and resistance. The Broadside Nashed Admiral, the El Thunder 20700 Mechanical Mod and the Legit Mods – Lowrider are all great Mods coming in at $220-$250.

- Coils, cotton and atomizers. It’s best to find out which the experienced vaper needs first as these can vary from each device.

- Vaping Tool Kit. Every experienced vaper will want to own their own tool kit. The Avid Artisan Build Kit costs $40 and has everything a long term vaper needs.