Different Vape Firing Modes

Author: HH   Date Posted:6 November 2020 

Incorrect Firing Mode main image Incorrect Firing Mode image

Depending on the mod purchased, a person may inadvertently change the firing mode on their mod. If the wrong firing mode is used for a coil, it can cause them to burn out quickly and can create an unpleasant vaping experience. Different modes put different amounts of power through the coil and it may not be what the end user is wanting.

For beginners its best to use wattage mode. We recomend that all users who are using devices with multiple firing modes know how to change modes and more importantly how to recognise the difference and change it back to wattage.

For intermediate/advanced users, there are multiple resources online providing guidance on TCR values and recommended temperatures to set different wires at if you are using the TCR/TC modes.

Bypass mode should only be used when using rebuilables, it removes the adjustable power function and outputs the power relative to the battery capacity.