Check atomizer fix

Author: HH   Date Posted:6 November 2020 

Check Atomizer Fix main image Check Atomizer Fix image

A ‘check atomizer’ error occurs when the mod cannot detect the coil inside the tank, this may be due to the coil not being secured appropriately. It could mean:
- The threads between the coil and tank are not tight enough, or they are too tight.
- The threads between the tank and the mod are not done up enough, or they are too tight.
- Cross-threading is apparent between any of the connections.
- The coil is faulty.
- The device has a dirty 510 connection.
- The device’s chip is having trouble reading coils.

To fix this, a range of checking procedures can be attempted:
- To see if it is a problem with a device, take the tank and try it on a different mod (ideally one with a DNA chip). If the tank reads fine on the DNA, it is a problem with the mod. Clean the 510 contacts and check for damage, and try the tank again.

In the event that Either mod does not read the tank, try an different tank or a rebuildable atomizer that has not had issues. If their mod does not read the new tank or atomizer, it is fair to assume that the chip in the mod is faulty.

If the tank does not read fine on the DNA, it is fair to assume that the problem is with the tank, or the coil inside the tank.
- Check the tank for signs of wear or separation along press-fit connections.
- Check the connections for cross-threading between coil and the tank connections
- Undo the tank and remove the coil, reseat the coil (finger tight, some tanks may need tighter), and reassemble the tank to see if that works (check to see if things were under/over-tightened).
- If reseating the coil does not work, try a new coil from the box of spares. If it works with the new coil, it could be attributed to a faulty coil.
- If the tank has separated along press-fit connections, carefully re-fit them (airflow must be fully open if fixing press fits) while paying attention to not damage the 510 threads.