What to Expect Quitting Cigarettes and Becoming a New Vaper

What to Expect Quitting Cigarettes and Becoming a New Vaper main image What to Expect Quitting Cigarettes and Becoming a New Vaper image

If you’ve decided now is the time to ditch the cigarettes and move into the world of vaping, it may not be a super smooth transition. It might take you a day, it might take you a few weeks or months, but it’s good to understand there is no right or wrong, just an individual journey.

It could be difficult at first, but nothing worth having is easy! Millions of people have been through the process and millions after you will go through it again. The important thing to remember is why you want to make the transition, the benefits it will have to your life and how much better you’ll feel when you’re finally cigarette free. Take a look at these top tips to help you on your way.

You Need to Stay Determined

Realise that there may be false starts and you may still reach for the cigarette packet as it’s so much easier to just pull one out of the pack. It can be frustrating learning how to put your first vape together, getting liquid all over your hands or getting the dreaded burnt taste in your mouth if you get a bad coil. Thankfully, there are many great vaping starter kits that make it easy for newbie vapers. The main thing is to stay determined and don’t give up as vaping could be what ends up saving your life.

Know There Is a Vape for Everyone

It may take a little trial and error, but know you will eventually find a vaping kit and flavour that suits your needs. Not all e-juice flavours and all vaping kits are suited to every person. Try a different e-cigarette starter kit and experiment with different flavours. Talk to people on vaping forums for advice and even reach out to representatives at Hooper’s Vapour for any in-depth information.

You May Cough at First

While vaping is better for your health, you may think it’ll be easier on the throat and you won’t cough. The thing is that the sensation of vaping is different and initially you may inhale your vape like a cigarette. Taking hard puffs on your vape like you would with a cigarette, may cause you to cough. Long, slow and steady puffs work better with a vape.

A Dry Mouth and Throat is Normal

Some of the ingredients in your e-cigarette are hygroscopic, which basically means they draw water to them. This of course means it draws water away from you, which can cause that dry mouth feeling. You will get used to this the more you vape; just make sure you drink enough water through the day.

The Nicotine Hit Comes Slower With a Vape

When you initially transition from cigarettes to a vape, you may feel frustrated at first not getting the instant nicotine high. It takes slightly longer to get the nicotine hit from a vape, but know that the satisfied feeling lasts for longer.

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