What Happens When You Adjust The Watts on Your Vape?

What Happens When You Adjust The Watts on Your Vape? main image What Happens When You Adjust The Watts on Your Vape? image


You may have just purchased a new vape and you’re told it has adjustable wattage. But what actually happens when you press the plus or minus button? Wattage is simply the measure that your device is running at and variable wattage was created to make sure a single device could be used by a wide range of people. Every device is made slightly different, but most have up and down arrows on the side to easily adjust the wattage on your vape. When you adjust the wattage on your device, it will simply figure out the voltage it needs to increase or lower the wattage.

The Pros of Variable Wattage Devices

Unlike with variable voltage devices where you actually have to do the math and set the volts to get the temperature you need, all you need to do on a variable wattage device is use the arrow keys to change the wattage and the device works it all out for you. A variable wattage device will help you avoid most dry hits, allowing you to work within the limits of the coil and have a more favourable vaping experience.

How Does Wattage Affect Your Vape?

If you like a warmer, denser vaping experience you should vape at a higher wattage, but be aware that you will burn through your e-juice and batteries at a faster rate. Another point to keep in mind is that your coil may have a shorter lifespan when used in a hotter vape. A higher wattage will also create more vapour and give you more nicotine per puff alongside a stronger throat hit.

Vaping on a lower wattage will mean; less heat generated thus less power being sucked from the battery and less e-juice consumed. Less wattage is generally most appreciated by vapers who take mouth to lung hits and don’t want massive plumes of dense vapour.

Another thing to consider is; how the flavour of your e-juice may be affected by the wattage you have on your vape. Menthol flavours for example work better at cooler temperatures or a lower wattage, thus enhancing the cooling menthol sensation. Sweet desert type e-juices like this Charlie’s Chalk Dust – Old Fashioned Donut flavour, will tend to work better at a higher wattage, really bringing the flavour out.

What Wattage Range to Start On

If a variable wattage device is new to you, it may be confusing to know what wattage to start on. Every coil will have a recommended wattage range which can be found on the packaging, on the coil or on the purchase website. A rule of thumb to find your sweet spot is -- to start at the lower wattage range and gradually take it up a watt or two to find the best taste for you.

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