If You’ve Stopped Tasting Your Vape Juice, You Could be Experiencing Vaper’s Tongue

If You’ve Stopped Tasting Your Vape Juice, You Could be Experiencing Vaper’s Tongue main image If You’ve Stopped Tasting Your Vape Juice, You Could be Experiencing Vaper’s Tongue image


Vaper’s tongue is also commonly known as vaper’s fatigue and is basically when a person stops being able to taste their e-juice. It’s common among vaper's who’ve been vaping a long time, using the same flavour. The cause is ‘olfactory fatigue’, which is when your sense of smell temporarily becomes immune, after being exposed to the same smell for an extended amount of time.

Your sense of smell plays a big factor in the role of tasting flavours. The gustatory system (taste buds) and the olfactory system (nose), work together to create the chemosensory system, which sends signals from your nose, throat and mouth to perceive flavour.

The Causes Of Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue or taste fatigue is the feeling that when you draw on your vape, you can no longer taste the flavoured e-liquid. A similar example is a smoker no longer being able to smell smoke on themselves or in a room as they’re used to it. Each time you take a pull on your vape, your sensory receptors make contact with the brain, acknowledging the flavour. Over time if the taste is continually the same, your brain will decrease the intensity of how it perceives the flavour as it adapts to it.

Why Does this Happen

Sensory adaption is not totally understood, but a theory is that our brains do it to protect us, deciding non-threatening smells like our e-juice is fine and we need to save our sense of smell for dangers like smoke, changes around us and rotten foods.

After a while of sensing the same smell like our e-liquid, the brain may stop detecting it, to make way for other, threatening smells we may need to be aware of. Sensory adaption could be the reason you’re experiencing vaper’s tongue, but there can be other reasons.

Other Reasons for Vaper’s Tongue

Some other reason’s you may be experiencing vaper’s tongue are;

  • Damaged taste buds from; alcohol, smoking, burns, spicy or sour food or an infection
  • Taste disorders such as; hypogeusia, ageusia and dysgeusia
  • Illness like; strep throat, a cold, dental issues and respiratory infections

Ways to Cure Vaper’s Tongue

Know there is no one right way for everyone to fix vaper’s tongue, as it depends on what’s causing it. It is usually temporary though and can be experienced by many in various lines of work like; coffee testers, wine tasters and perfume testers.

  • Rotate your e-liquid flavours. If you constantly vape the same e-liquid, you’ll likely fall victim to vaper’s tongue. Have three or four flavours on rotation and completely change them at interval points.
  • Keep hydrated. Dehydration can be a side-effect of vaping, so make sure you up your water intake. If you have less saliva in your mouth, it can be harder for the flavour to get to your taste buds.
  • Cleanse your palate. Some palate cleansing ideas are; smelling coffee beans or drinking black coffee, chew on pickled ginger, suck on a lemon wedge, and eat sorbet or raw honey.

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