The Flagship of Broadside’s Line of Mechanical Mods

The Flagship of Broadside’s Line of Mechanical Mods main image The Flagship of Broadside’s Line of Mechanical Mods image


The sleek and sexy Single 18650 is the ultimate vape mod for people who enjoy power and adjustability in a vaping experience. This is the Broadside vape mod model that won the prestigious “Guide to Vaping” best mechanical mod award for the year 2016.

This mechanical marvel features a Delrin lined tube, minimising any risk of a battery wrap short. The mechanical button has no magnets or springs to reduce the chance of misfires and to eliminate the transfer of any heat to the button.

The Boradside’s vent holes are directed downward for the vaper’s convenience and safety. It also has a pure silver coated copper contact floating 510 connection (non-hybrid) so it won’t deliver accidental shorts from the wrong atomiser being used with it. The contacts in a Broadside mod are constant contact to reduce arcing on your battery where your switch would usually close on some other mechanical mods.

The mod itself is 25mm in diameter and is offered in your choice of either a brass or copper finish or a stylish and modern anodised aluminium finish.        

A Long Line of Quality Products

Broadside is well-known name in the vaping world and their line of quality products is ever increasing. The Culverin RDA delivers an excellent dripping platform aimed at providing the connoisseur vape aficionado with the ultimate performance in an RDA..

It features a two post build deck that utilises teardrop-shaped terminals that are placed upside-down for maximum convenience to allow bigger builds to be installed. A solid silver pin positive pin placed alongside the copper positive post (upgradable to silver) tells you that the RDA produces a solid level of conductivity.

Broadside’s Admiral 20700 is another fantastic mod by Broadside. This mechanical mod has a clutch-style firing button assembly that provides smooth firing and an even connection no matter how unevenly the vape is fired. It also has a floating 510 positive pin that accepts nearly any type of atomiser on the market.

More recently to allow for the most up to date advancement in Lithium-Ion batteries, the 21700, Broadside has released the innovative bottom/side firing Brizo mod, with one of the smartest switch mechanisms we have ever seen. While staying true to some of the mainstay features of the Broadside range such as constant contact positive and negative silver plated contacts, they have released something entirely new and refreshing to the market.

Hoopers Vapour is Proud to Feature Broadside

Hoopers Vapour is very proud to be the only authorised distributor of Broadside mods in the country. Businesses and individuals can buy any Broadside product, including the flagship Single 18650 and a range of admiral mods and brizo mechanical mods from us online or at one of our vape shops in Christchurch.

We invite NZ and Australian vapers to experience the next level of vape experiences with the Broadside line of vape mods.