Take Care of Your E-Juice so You Can Vape Hassle Free

Take Care of Your E-Juice so You Can Vape Hassle Free main image Take Care of Your E-Juice so You Can Vape Hassle Free image


The sun is shining and no doubt you’ll want to be outdoors catching some rays. Summertime is an amazing time of year where you can top up your tan, enjoy pool parties and lounge outside well into the evening. If you’re a vaper, there’s no doubt you’ll love kicking back in your deckchair and enjoying your favourite flavour of e-juice.

This is great, but it’s important to remember even though you might love the heat, your e-liquid doesn’t. Your e-liquid contains ingredients that are vulnerable to heat, meaning this needs to be considered when storing your liquids.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

If left in direct sunlight, the contents of your e-liquid bottle can become runny and the flavour distorted. Bottles are best stored in a cool, dry place such as; cabinets, drawers or even a basement. Tinted bottles are an idea to restrict the amount of ultra violet rays that pass through into the bottle, but remember the heat can still interact with your juice. If it is particularly hot where you are you can even store you liquid in the refrigerator to slow down the oxidisation of the eliquid.

Don’t Leave in Enclosed Hot Spaces

You may think it’s ok to leave your e-liquid in a box in your car, as it’s away from direct sunlight – wrong! This space can become like an oven and the components of your juice will almost cook, leaving the liquid runny and potentially with a strange odour and taste.

Seal Partially Used E-Liquid Bottles

Oxygen will interact with nicotine and alter its quality and in the summer heat this process will be accelerated. To keep your half used e-liquids from ruining, make sure you re-seal the bottle or transfer to another bottle where you can keep it sealed.

The nicotine and PG in the e-juice both can be affected by the heat; this is why it’s imperative to store your e-liquids safely and securely. By storing your liquids well, you’ll reduce waste and continue to vape through the summer hassle free!

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