Save Money by Looking After Your Coil

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Every vape has a coil and these can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on how well you look after your coil. If you regularly change the flavour of your e-liquid or are a heavy vape user, you’ll need to change your coil even more often to keep good flavour.

The coil is the small piece of hardware in the centre of the vape which sucks the liquid through the holes in the cotton and turns the liquid into vapour when power is added. Coils cost money to replace – anywhere between 8-30 NZ dollars for a pack, so looking after your coil is essential to save you spending lots of cash.

When to Change Your Coil?

There a few signs you’ll notice that will tell you when your coil needs a change. If you get a burnt taste in your mouth, this is probably a sign your coil is burnt out and you need a new one. Also if your e-liquid stops tasting how it should it could mean the coil is no longer working and you need a fresh one. Other signs your coil is ready to be changed is a gurgling sound or even the e-liquid leaking out due to age.

How to Extend the Life of Your Coil

  1. After placing a new coil into your vape, make sure you let it sit for around five minutes so the liquid fully soaks into the coil. If you take a hit too quickly you could get a dry, burnt taste which is not a nice experience.
  2. Do not press and hold the fire button without taking a hit from the mouthpiece. The coil needs air moving over it when being fired up otherwise again it could lead to a burn out.
  3. Make sure you run your coils at a watt they can handle. Most vapes will have the recommended wattage on the packaging but if you can’t find this ask questions on the manufacturer’s website or in a vaping forum.
  4. Try to avoid chain vaping. It can be easy when you’re chatting away or intensely watching that new movie to forget you’re constantly puffing on your vape. Some coils can’t keep up and you may experience a dry hit. If this happens slow down, or replace the coil with one built for chain vaping.
  5. Make sure you have enough e-liquid in the tank. Your coil needs to be covered in liquid to work properly and if not you again get that burnt coil taste. Also change the coil when you change the flavour to reduce the spoiling of flavours.

By taking care of your coil, you’ll extend its life, keep it tasting good and save yourself cash. If you need extra help taking care of your coil, talk to the guys at Hooper’s Vapour for extra support.

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