Nicotine Strength Can Affect the Throat Hit, Smoothness of the Draw and Vapour Production

Nicotine Strength Can Affect the Throat Hit, Smoothness of the Draw and Vapour Production main image Nicotine Strength Can Affect the Throat Hit, Smoothness of the Draw and Vapour Production image


Although it’s important to choose the right nicotine strength for your needs and type of smoking habit, the setup of your device should be considered alongside this. Different nicotine strengths, paired with different device setups, will affect the type of; throat hit you experience, the smoothness of the draw and the amount of vapour produced.

When smokers first transition from cigarettes, they sometimes make the mistake of selecting the highest amount of nicotine, without considering what is needed for the type of setup they have. This could lead to a nasty first experience vaping and potentially deter them away from a product that has helped masses of others kick the cigarette habit.

Selecting a Nicotine Strength for Your Setup

3MG; If you like to use a high powered setup paired with a low resistance atomizer, the 3mg nicotine strength could be right for you. The 3mg strength nicotine e-juice, in this type of device will produce a smooth draw, a lighter throat hit and has the capability of producing large clouds of vapour.

6MG; If you enjoy a bit more of a throat hit and still like to use a high performance setup, the 6mg nicotine strength is a good option. 6mg strength nicotine, is also recommended for users new to vaping and using a sub-ohm tank. If you’re using a rebuildable atomizer, start off with the 3mg as the throat hit may be even harsher.

12-18MG; Designed for people who use a higher resistance and a lower power output, the 12mg strength nicotine is often used with mouth-to-lung tanks or those with a restricted airflow.

Nicotine Salts, 3-12MG; These strengths of nicotine salts, often called Sub-Ohm Salts are designed for higher output device such as are used with 0-6mg of freebase nicotine. With these levels of nicotine salts it allows for higher levels of nicotine while the throat hit is substantially lower than with freebase nicotine.

Nicotine Salts, 35-50MG; These have been designed to give high nicotine hits, without the harshness on the throat. Nicotine salt can range from 25-50mg of nicotine strength and absorb into the bloodstream more efficiently. Intended for usage in lower power devices, the Aspire Nautilus AIO is a great tank to use with nicotine salts.

The above is just a guide to what types of devices go well with different nicotine strengths. At the end of the day, vaping is about being satisfied and if this means doing something different than what is recommended – go for it! Your best bet is to experiment and play around with different strengths of nicotine in your device and find the perfect throat hit, the ideal amount of vapour production and the nicotine hit that works for you.

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