Learn How Temperature Control Works and Whether It’s Right for You

Learn How Temperature Control Works and Whether It’s Right for You main image Learn How Temperature Control Works and Whether It’s Right for You image

Temperature control (TC) came about as a solution to dry and burnt hits. It also helps to keep the hits on your vape consistent, as the temperature stays the same instead of continually going up and down. In 2014 a company called Evolv created a DNA chip for temperature control. This was revolutionary and prior to this, vape mods were only able to adjust watts. Nowadays wattage and temperature control are features found in the majority of vape mods.

How Temperature Control Works

You will choose the temperature for your vape to run at, which is usually within a range of 300F-600F (100C-315C). The power will then automatically adjust to keep your vape at the chosen temperature. In temperature control mode, your device will cut off or limit the power when it gets to a certain point. Different devices have preset numbers in their memory to calibrate the coil to the upper limit and no more. This will ensure you never get that nasty dry hit from an overload of power which results in burnt cotton.

The Benefits of Temperature Control

  • Eliminating Dry Burnt Hits.  The key advantage of TC is if the wick runs dry, the temperature will rise thus causing the temperature protection feature to immediately cut the power. This means you won’t get the nasty dry hit, just less vapour.
  • Improvement to Coil and Wick Life. Due to the coil and cotton not getting overheated, these will last longer as they will not be exposed to excessive temperatures that may burn them out.
  • Longer Battery Life. It is estimated that a TC vape uses 1.5 times less power than equivalent variable wattage vapes, due to it only using the power needed to keep the coil at the required temperature.
  • Consistent Hits. As the coil will be kept at a consistent temperature, each puff will be kept the same. Regular wattage devices change temperature depending on the length of a hit, meaning each puff will be different.

Drawbacks of Temperature Control

  • Can be Complicated. TC can take some trial and error to get used to whereas power (watts) mode, you can just set the required wattage and vape.
  • Limitations to Your Mod. Not all mods are made with TC in mind and will come with various shortcomings. You need to shop around and do your research to get a decent TC mod.
  • Not all Coils are TC Ready. A lot of tanks have not been made TC ready, meaning building your own coils may be a better option. Temperature control will only work with coils made from stainless steel, Ni200 (pure nickel) and pure Titanium. Ni200 and Titanium are temperature control only coils, do not use these wires in wattage mode as you are susceptible to over heating the wires which can release toxins (this only occurs with pure Nickel and pure Titanium)

Providing security and consistency that normal vaping lacks, TC vaping can be a great experience. Even with great benefits, TC vaping is still not as popular as regular wattage vaping. Your best bet is to weigh up the pros and cons and decide which is most beneficial to you.

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