Know What a Squonk Mod is and which is Best for You.

Know What a Squonk Mod is and which is Best for You. main image Know What a Squonk Mod is and which is Best for You. image


‘’Squonking’’ is one of the weirder words in the vaping glossary and you may be wondering what on earth it actually means. Alongside the term squonking, you also have to deal with knowing what a regulated and unregulated squonk mod is and whether it will actually be right for you. Unregulated squonk mods were originally the more common, but now regulated squonk mods are becoming more commonplace in rebuildable atomisers. But let’s dive right in at the beginning and find out what it all means.

Squonking Explained

Squonk mods house a plastic or silicone container within the device that holds the e-liquid. A tube attaches from the e-liquid bottle up to the 510 connection, that includes a bottom feeding 510 pin. You manually press the bottle to force the e-liquid up through the tube and through the 510 pin hole. This action of squeezing the bottle to force the e-liquid up, became known as ‘’squonking’’ and the term just stuck.

What’s the Difference Between Regulated and Unregulated Squonk Mods?

A regulated squonk mod contains a board or chipset to manipulate the power flow and the unregulated squonk mod doesn’t contain any wiring or boards to transfer the power. The unregulated squonk mod only uses the power from the battery it holds, running the power from the battery to the 510 connection each time the button is activated. This makes unregulated squonking more dangerous, as the regulated mods give you more control and less risk of an accident as regulated mods have protection circuits built in. The regulated squonk mod has a variety of more advanced features allowing you to regulate the power, control the temperature and activate different types of protections. Squonking relies on rebuildable atomisers, so if you are not comfortable building your own coils sqounking is not for you.

Benefits of Squonking

Squonking eliminates the sometimes messy process of dripping. Usually you have to drip more e-liquid onto your cotton after every few draws and check the cotton is soaked and not over soaked. It can be a tedious process!

With a regular mod, if you drip too much e-liquid it has nowhere else to go but down the sides of your device and probably over your fingers. Bottom feeding drippers don’t have this problem, as any excess liquid will go safely back in the bottle unless you over squonk.

Deciding whether a squonk mod is for you, comes down to your day to day preferences. If you want a cleaner way to drip e-liquid and do know how to build your own coils, squonking could be for you. If you don’t want to build your own coils and want a better battery life, a regular mod may be the best choice.

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