Know How to Kill Your Coil and How to Prevent It

Know How to Kill Your Coil and How to Prevent It main image Know How to Kill Your Coil and How to Prevent It image


As a vaper, you may have experienced a first hit on your vape and the awful taste of burnt cotton. Or the flavour of your e-liquid may slowly start to subside and you’re not sure why? These are common complaints especially with newbie vapers, but if you learn how to avoid the problems before they arise, you’ll know how to avoid them and you can even pass your knowledge onto your new vape loving friends!

Coil Not Being Saturated with E-liquid

You may be really excited to get your first vape kit and just want to get started straight away – don’t! It is possible to ruin your coil on the first hit, if you don’t take the time to make sure it’s saturated with e-juice before you put power onto it. The coil needs to be primed with e-liquid, ensuring it’s soaked and safe. This takes some time and shouldn’t be rushed, so wait and wait some more.

Vaping at the Coils Maximum Limit

A coil may have a recommended range of 15w-60w but this doesn’t mean you should have it turned up to the maximum limit constantly. To ensure you don’t damage the coil, have it turned back slightly. Vaping at a high wattage continually, may mean you experience dry hits and your coil will get gunked out fast.

Using E-liquid Packed Full of Sweeteners

Of course one of the reasons you may love vaping, is that you can experience your favourite apple crumble flavour on each pull of your vape! But know that many of the sugary flavoured e-liquids are packed full of sweeteners, that will leave a large amount of gunk behind on your coils. Luckily, many of the new flavours on the market are having fewer sweeteners added, but just be aware of this and maybe swap your flavours up occasionally.

Not Enough E-liquid Getting to the Coils

One of the problems that we can face as vapers is with liquid fluidity. Most prebuilt coils are designed for a range of liquid thicknesses however what can become a problem is temperature. If your tank is very cold, like first thing in the morning, the liquid will become thicker and as such your coil may struggle to wick quick enough especially if you are chain vaping (quick consecutive puffs). And vice versa, if your tank becomes hot your liquid will thin and possibly cause leaking.

When you first start building your own coils, you may be putting too much or too little cotton into the coils. This can lead to the dreaded dry hit and that nasty burnt taste in your mouth. If you’re getting a dry hit often, this can also lead to the coil getting burnt and of course not lasting very long.

Letting the Vape Tank Run Empty

If your vape tank is empty, you’re going to get a horrible dry hit and again burn out your coil before its time. Plain and simply – keep an eye on your juice level and make sure you fill it up well before it’s even close to running out.

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