Get Yourself a Plan to Quit Nicotine

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While different people turn to vaping for varying reasons, many want to still enjoy the action of smoking without being exposed to the 4,000 plus harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Vaping can also be a great way to start to wean yourself off nicotine, with there being many e-juice strengths and zero nicotine options.

Other options like; going cold turkey, nicotine patches, pills and gum can be a lot more stressful as it takes away what a smoker actually likes which is the action of smoking and the relaxed feeling after taking a long draw. Vaping is a safe and enjoyable method to reduce or completely eradicate your need for nicotine.

Put Together a Plan

Fail to plan and plan to fail as the saying goes! If you’re making the transition from tobacco cigarette to e-cigarette and want to reduce your nicotine intake, get yourself a plan and make sure you have it written down. Once you have your vaping starter kit, you’ll want to get yourself a range of e-juice flavours in your required nicotine dosage.

Everyone will have different starting points, with some having been super heavy smokers and some may have only had a few a day. This will affect your starting point relating to the strength of the nicotine you’ll need in your e-juice. An example nicotine reduction plan for a heavy smoker could be;

Jan – 18mg e-juice liquid

Feb – 12mg e-juice liquid

Mar – 6mg e-juice liquid

April – 3mg e-juice liquid

Mar – 0mg e-juice liquid

A lighter smoker may want to start at 18mg or 12mg and reduce at a faster rate like weekly or bi-weekly. Also keep in mind that your initial nicotine strength will depend on the device to choose to start with as the amount of power your device delivers affects how quickly your body absorbs the nicotine.

Select Your Vape and E-liquid Flavour

It can take a little trial and error to get the right vape and e-juice right for you, but the best place to start is with a starter kit. These are made easy to set up when you have no experience and provide everything you need to safely get started with vaping.

E-liquid flavours come in just about any flavour you can dream up these days including; cake flavours, sweet flavours, fruity, beverage and of course more traditional tobacco flavours. Traditional tobacco is probably a safe bet to start, then as you get more adventurous you can sample the big mix of unusual flavours.

Don’t Give in To Cigarette Cravings

Even when you start using your e-cigarette, you may still experience some cravings. They’re not actually nicotine cravings, but cravings from your body not having all the other 4,000 plus chemicals pumped into it from the cigarette. These cravings can differ in length of time depending on the person and the important thing is not to give into them! However, if you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Most people find that once they have started to use an e-cigarette the taste and smell of cigarettes is offensive at best and everytime you are using your e-cigarette instead of smoking a cigarette you are doing your body a massive favour.

Carry on With the Plan

There is no deadline for when you have to get your nicotine level down to zero and if you’re happy just reducing the nicotine level slightly, this is still a win! Just try to stick to whatever plan you set yourself and don’t give in to initial frustrations you may experience being a new e-cigarette user.

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