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Once you’ve had a bit of experience vaping, you might start wanting to experiment a little to find; the best e-liquid flavours, a mod that suits your needs and budget and which e-liquid will produce the most amount of vapor. The definitive factor that determines the amount of vapour production is basically how much VG (vegetable glycerin) is in your e-liquid. Other areas that make a difference are; power, resistance, air-flow and coil types that you use.

Factors That Affect Vapour Production

  • VG (vegetable glycerin). VG e-liquids are generally thicker in consistency and therefore produce significantly more vapour. Top brands can contain as much as 80% VG in their e-liquid product.
  • Resistance. Lowering the resistance and increasing the wattage output will increase vapour production. Make sure you’ve made safety a top priority when tinkering with the power output of your mod.
  • Power. If you increase the power to your coils, the faster they will heat up and emit vapour.
  • Type of Coil. Various coil types will perform better than others, with some benefits specifically designed for various needs like vapor output. Talk to other users in forums and experiment, to find which aid in producing the best vapor output.
  • Airflow. Depending on what atomizer you’re using, means you’ll have to experiment a little to get airflow right. If the coil gets too little air, you may only produce a little vapour and it may be very hot, if you have too much air, your coil may not be able to heat up enough to produce adequate vapour
  • Lung capacity. A simple but sometimes overlooked factor is the actual capacity of your lungs. Your friend could take a draw on the exact same vape as you, but produce huge clouds when you don’t and this could mean you simply have less lung capacity.

Sub-Ohm Vaping for the Biggest Clouds

As mentioned above, it’s not just the type of e-liquid you use that will get you the biggest clouds, you have to look at the rest of your set up. Sub-ohm vaping produces the best clouds and basically means; vaping with an atomizer that has a less than 1 ohm resistance coil. More of the power on these low resistance coils can be used to heat up the vape juice, thus causing more juice to be vaporized and big clouds to be emitted. Be aware that sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone and should only be undertaken after you have experience of ohm’s law.

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