Easily Fix Your Vape in No Time at All with These Simple Solutions

Easily Fix Your Vape in No Time at All with These Simple Solutions main image Easily Fix Your Vape in No Time at All with These Simple Solutions image


You’ve just sat down to relax and take a pull on your vape, but for some reason it just isn’t working properly! It can be so frustrating and you may think you need to send it off to the vendor which can be time consuming.

Your vape is going to have a problem from time to time and usually the problem is minor and easily fixable if you know how. Take a look through this article to see if your problem is highlighted or have a look at Part 1 of this series and you should have your vape up and running again quickly.

Vape Tank is Gurgling and Spitting

This problem is usually caused by the coil being oversaturated with e-liquid. This causes the e-liquid to overwhelm the coil and the heat not being able to vaporise the liquid, resulting in a gurgling sound and possibly spit back. One cause could be a faulty or old coil, so try changing for a new one. Another cause is the wattage setting on your device. Each tank has a sweet spot and if it is set too low to properly heat the coil, it could lead to flooding and gurgling. Try upping the wattage/voltage so it is within the sweet range and this could resolve the problem.

Check your e-liquid level as over filling can result in the gurgling and spit back problem. Another problem could be taking too strong a pulls on your vape. Try taking softer draws with a slightly loosened air intake. If all the above fails, try checking your tanks assembly. The tank needs to be well sealed and air tight, so check for any cracks or gaps that could let excess air in.

Battery Won’t Charge

Your battery will fully charge in 3-5 hours and if you leave it plugged in after it’s fully charged it will automatically turn itself off and start to lose power. Most batteries should last around 8 to 9 months before you need to change them, so if it isn’t charging it may be due to a few things. Check that the connection isn’t dirty by cleaning it regularly. Just like with your coil, e-juice or grime can get stuck and cause the battery to not function. Check the contacts on the battery end and charging cord end and clean with alcohol if necessary.

E-liquid is Leaking Out

Your vape can be leaking due to a few different reasons. Each brand will have more susceptible zones, but it’s normally due to a few common things. Check you haven’t over filled your tank as this can cause leakage. Have you chosen an e-liquid that is compatible to your tank? Some juices do not work well with certain tanks and can cause problems.

Check if your tank is over-tightened as this can lead to damage to the O-ring and possibly cause the tank to crack. Your vape has O-rings in the tank and in the coil and if these are missing or damaged, this can lead to leakage and may need to be changed. Finally, check you haven’t left your vape in extremities of cold or hot which could lead to a leak.

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