Cool Facts about the History of Vaping

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Although we think of vaping as a modern trend, ancient Egyptians were known to use hot stones to vape herbs and Indians invented their first shisha thousands of years ago. In 1927 it’s said that Joseph Robinson came up with the first idea of an e-cigarette, but it wasn’t until 1963 that Herbert Gilbert patented the first ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’.

Herbert Gilbert’s creation resembled a modern e-cigarette we know today with flavour cartridges, heating elements and smokeless flavoured air. Unfortunately for Gilbert, the 1960s was the height of the tobacco cigarette era, with advertising not being concerned with the health implications of smoking and pushing the ‘cool’ tag that smoking at that time came with. His patent ended up expiring, leaving it open for others to pick up on the idea.

Who Actually Made the First E-cigarette?

Hon Lik was a medical researcher from China who had a massive smoking addiction and had previously lost his dad to lung cancer. The story goes that he forgot to take his nicotine patch off one night before bed and proceeded to have one of the most unusual but revealing dreams of his life. In his dream he was floating in the sea where he began to drown. His lungs were filling with water but miraculously the water turned to harmless vapour and he could breathe again!

After tons of research he turned his dream into reality, releasing the first e-cigarette to the public in 2006 consisting of a battery, a plastic cartridge containing a nicotine solution and an ultrasonic atomizer.

How the E-cigarette developed

Next the atomizer was replaced with a cartomizer, which was invented by British brothers Umer and Tariq Sheikh. The cartomizer was a single disposable unit making it more user friendly than the separate cartridge and atomizer that had previously been used. This marked the point when the e-cigarette began to grow in popularity reaching the mass market.

Modern Vaping Culture

Since humble beginnings in the early 2000s, the e-cigarette has grown and continues to grow offering a configuration to suit all tastes. You can find a digital MOD with variable voltage/wattage settings, pen shaped mods, cylindrical mods and various other shaped mods. Select a variety of colours, e-juice liquid flavours and different types of atomizers or cartomizers to suit your needs. The choices you have are surely only going to continue to increase as vaping increases in popularity.

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