Australian Citizens Fight back and Win!

Author: HH  

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Our Dearest Australian customers.


Congratulations on your campaign to fight the nicotine ban in Australia, you have achieved a very impressive victory and it just goes to show that a group of passionate people can drive change in areas that affect them. 


That being said, the fight is not over as this is only a temporary hold on the ban and is due to commence on the first of January.


Prior to the January cut off we urge you to contact your parliamentary representatives and talk to your local GP surrounding nicotine prescriptions. It is imperative that you use the next 6 months to plan for yourself and your friends, advocate and educate.


Education can be a lot of things. Educate vapers struggling to DIY mix. Educate vapers with regards to safe handling of their nicotine. Educate GP's so they will allow nicotine prescriptions to be written and the nicotine to be imported. Educate politicians, so they know that their constituents aren't being fairly represented. Educate smokers, let them know there's a healthier alternative. Educate non smokers, let them know there's a healthier alternative to smoking, and that the less smokers there are the less the health system is strained. Educate people to show them that a harm reduction model towards health issues works. 


We are resuming shipping to Australia until the end of the year and would like to offer free shipping for all orders over $100 NZD.


Don't get complacent, keep fighting, and keep stocking up nicotine.