Atomizers are the Heart of Vaping Devices

The atomizer can be considered the heart of any vaping device. This is the component that turns the eliquid into vapour and provides joy of the vaping experience.

There are many types of atomizers that deliver different intensities of vapour or flavour depending on their separate properties of construction. At Hoopers Vapour, we carry a complete range of RDA, RTA, RDTA and traditional replacement coil tanks, allowing you to find one that delivers the most satisfying vaping experience for you.

Whatever type of atomizer that you choose, remember that an atomizer won’t last forever. They can become dirty, clogged and deliver unpleasant tastes if used for too long. This is why they are one of the most often replaced components of the vaping device.

See our complete range of atomizers to fit most of the major brands of vaping devices on the market. Find the atomizer that provides you the best vaping experience.