Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill

Author: HH  

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Our Dearest Customers,

The proposed amendments to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill were released 2/6/2020.

The proposed amendments to the Vaping bill are not expected to change the way we will be operating, as we will easily meet the conditions required to be a specialist vaping store. This means we will be able to continue to sell flavoured nicotine juice and it will be available to purchase in-store, or online. Check out our range here:

While the removal of online-only operators is disappointing, we recognise that it is harder to monitor age limits, and provide technical support to customers and their devices when operating as an online only presence; the downside to this proposal is expected to be a reduced availability.

We do not support the removal of flavours from non-specialist vape stores as we feel this will have an adverse effect on availability for rural and lower income areas (where travelling to a specialist vape store is a cost in itself).  Reduced accessibility can also have negative effects on people's ability to quit, as cigarettes will still be available in these areas and in a greater range of products when compared to vape products.


We have previously conducted can drives for local charities, however the proposed vaping bill will put a stop to this, which is disheartening as we felt immense pride helping to support our local communities. 


We welcome the recommendations to remove coloured juice as we have not and will never sell juice that has been coloured artificially. We also welcome the introduction of a regulatory authority for controlling products as there has previously been a need to recall products due to safety concerns and having a government-run organisation to control this could be beneficial, by removing the possibility of stocking an unsafe product. We also welcome the requirement to provide specific information on all vaping products (e.g. ingredients of e-juice, device safety guidelines), as we believe it will lead to better transparency regarding the contents of the e-juice available on the market. 


If you feel strongly about the original bill, or the proposed changes, we would like to encourage you to contact either Jenny Salesa, or your local MP directly via phone or email to voice your concerns. 

Stay safe, look after yourselves, your friends and family, and vape on!