Mints, Menthols and Mind numbingly Cold.

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Mints, Menthols and Mind numbingly Cold.  main image Mints, Menthols and Mind numbingly Cold.  image

Whats the difference between Mint, Menthol and Koolada?

To make a minty juice, a variety of flavouring additives can be used. The common two are menthol and Koolada.

Menthol is a naturally occuring compound, found in wild mint and gum trees. It is characteristically peppermint flavoured. the Chemical make up of menthol allows for some level of cooling sensation, although this is much less cool than koolada.

Koolada is another name for menthyl methyl lactate, and is the chemical responsable for the very cold sensation that some experiance when vaping certian juices. It can be incredibly refreshing in the summer months and acts as a good wake up in the winter. 

To celebrate minty and cold juice, we thought it would be a great time to showcase our selection of menthols, mints and other cold stuff we have tucked away. 

Aramax Menthol:
A basic, but full bodied peppermint. 
Chill factor 6/10

Aramax Berry Mint:
a delicious blend of berries, with a slight minty tone.
Chill factor 6/10

Liqua Menthol:
A customer Favourite, a clean peppermint with a slight chill to it. 
Chill Factor 7/10

Liqua Two mints:
Delicous spearmint, with little to no cold factor. 
Chill factor 7/10

Liqua Ice green Mango:
A very chilly green (unripe) mango. The chill of this juice is balanced lovely with a slightly tart mango flavour. 
Chill Factor 10/10

Liqua Frosty Raspberry "whats cooler than being cool - ICE COLD" 
Easily the coldest juice we sell. Can cause brainfreeze in higher powered devices. An excellent choice if dropping down to zero nicotine, but still want to "feel something". 
Chill Factor 11/10

Honeydew Berry Kiwi:
Pacha Mama combine Honeydew, Berry and Kiwifruit with spearmint to create a flavour that will awaken your senses for a one-of-a-kind experience. A delivious entry into fruity minty blends, pretty heavy on the spearmint aspect. 
Chill Factor 5/10

Icy Mango:
Another one from Pacha Mama, A tasty helping of mango nectar extracted from the finest mangoes picked at the pinnacle of ripeness that truly brings out the aromatic essence  paired with the icy cool breeze of menthol.
Chill factor 7/10

Cool Mint:
One of the latest Juices to grace our shelves. A delicious clean spearmint from the Finest collection with a slight cooling sensation. 
Chill factor 5/10

A mixture of chilled berries and lychee. Definately one of the better lychee flavours available on the market.  
Chill factor 4/10

Head Banging Boogie:
A frozen Tropical Blueberry medley. Tastes kind of like a popsicle splash. Very nice.
Chill factor 6/10

Blissful berries:
Blissful Berries by Fresh Pressed E-Liquid is chilled from the inside out with frozen crushed dark berries blended with smooth lemon limeade that will knock you out cold!
Chill Factor 4/10

lava Luau:
A Hawaiian blend of watermelon, kiwifruit and mixed berries frozen to a teeth chatting frost
Chill factor 6/10

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