Australia Bans the importation of Nicotine

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Our Dearest Customers

We have some bad news for our Australian Neighbours. Unfortunately the Australian government has planned to block the importation of nicotine products into the country, and changed the rules so nicotine can only be prescribed to a person by a doctor.  This starts from the 1st of July and the products need to have cleared customs by then. It is expected to last for at least 12 months to allow the Nicotine rescheduling process to run its course. Unfortunately our shipping to Australian customers will cease on the 26th of June. This is to ensure that the packages will pass through customers before July 1st.

This is a terrible decision made by the Australian government and does not follow an effective harm reduction model for their citizens' health. 

If you are based in australia, and would like to keep ordering from us, we can still send through products, they just can’t have nicotine in them. 

What are my options as an Australian customer?
1. Stock up on ready-to-vape products.

Buy as much as you can, as soon as you can to ensure that you get it prior to the cut off. 

2. Order nicotine concentrate
There is the option of purchasing nicotine for yourself and using it at home. If you choose this

option please follow the best handling methods for dangerous substances. Nicotine is a poison and has been known to kill on occasion. 

3: Find a doctor that prescribes Nicotine!
If you are an australian citizen, you can still get nicotine, if it is prescribed by a doctor. If you have a prescription you can still order nicotine juice. 

4. Complain!
Message you local member of parliament and voice your disapproval!
Vote for people that represent you and your needs better.
Sign the petition!

5. Educate! 

Although the ban is horrific, it appears that nicotine will still be available to purchase with a prescription. Talk to your health care professional’s and encourage them to start prescribing nicotine alternatives to smokers. Educate them in other methods of smoking cessation and promote vaping as an effective alternative which should be a registered smoking cessation products

What can i do as a New Zealander? - Help out our Australian Neighbours, keep the ANZAC spirit alive!
Send emails, sign petitions, Send over nicotine juice (before the ban ends).

You can also help by signing this petition to allow nicotine vaping in Australia: 

Check out the links below for some more information: